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"Diane is a super-hero! As a "virtual" assistant, she quite literally makes things happen behind your back, many of which you may proclaim to be nothing short of a miracle. From day one, she was fully invested in fighting for the best interest of our business, as if she had spent her whole life building it. She is a guru on productivity and is always ready to tackle the challenge ahead, often serving as a coach to the coaches, helping leaders lead, and business flow. Diane's background and experience set her apart from her peers as a true world class DiVA."
- Michael C., Principal Architect


Other Reviews
"Diane is a virtual assistant gift! More like a business partner from time to time. She is my wisdom sounding board, research assistant, event planner, and employee caretaking partner- to name just a few things she helps us with. I could not do all that I do as a stretched thin business owner without her. - Mindy F., HR Consulting Practice Founder & CIO

"Diane is one of the best organized and thorough individuals I have known. Her attention to detail and time management skills are excellent. Her personal and upbeat attitude enhances any environment, and her knowledge of Executive Office practices and professionalism would be an attribute to any employer." - Debbie R., Director of Business Development 

"Diane is always responsive and easy to work with. 
She is able to provide quick-turn around, under pressure with very little assistance. Very personable, professional, and thorough. A pleasure to work with." - Colleen S., Business Development
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